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Cheesecake Exki. Tip: choose a baking paper large enough to overflow from the mould. You can add the product to my EXKi and see its nutrient values as part of an actual meal.

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Altyd leuk daar af te spreken , lekkere soeps en koffie en chocoladetaart is zo goed. C'est recette super facile : une base en biscuits spéculoos émiettés et une crème avec du fromage frais type Phildelphia, des œufs et du sucre. I love Exki wherever it is located.

Cooking seasonal products, enhancing vegetables, giving preference to farmers who respect our planet: at EXKi, it's what we do every day.

I love Exki wherever it is located.

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Come and enjoy an EXKi cheesecake-tiramisu, a slice of gingerbread, chocolate truffles. Mixed with Greek yogurt, the cheesecake does not have cheese in it and is possibly one of the best desserts that can be both healthy and sweet. These values indicate the daily recommended intake of energy, nutrients.